A pick in pocket

Amulets come in different forms. Some might be worn like a necklace, like a small cross if you’re a Christian.

I might not have a mystic approach to these matters, but I realize I have amulets too. Objects of power that connects me to what I love. It’s a reassuring feeling to put my hand in my pocket and feel that an angular piece of plastic is lying there, promising a different life than the corporate powerpoint presentation I’m sitting through.

The guitar pick. It seems it’s of little use without a guitar. But actually, I tend to play guitar with my fingers most of the time. The main function of the pick is connection, solace and identity.

On certain days, when not making music is all that awaits. A guitar pick is not comfort enough. That’s when I need to slip an instrument in my bag. A small synth. A field recorder. A harmonica. Anything to promise me music is possible.

I might even wear an Ableton t-shirt under my shirt to really remind me of my superpowers.

It’s a shame there are so few public phone booths left for changing outfits these days.

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