Against the odds

Maybe every achievement is. Because the stars never align, the moment is rarely right. We just have to make do with what we get. We make it in spite of potential excuses. And sometimes we don’t and nothing gets made.

I’m now three weeks into Jamuary. It’s an interesting kind of challenge and I try to figure out what the learnings are. My approach has been to give myself this month as a kind of lab. A chance to study and learn how different equipment can work together – freed from the responsibility of making a song great. I just make something.

The sketches I make I abandon and ship as soon as I have a chance. I never labour over details or try to get something right. To see that I can come up with something reasonably sounding in just about one hour is some kind of affirmation. I’ve made some discoveries along the way and maybe some messy songs could actually be saved and turned into something decent.

At the same time a part of me can’t help to whisper that I’m wasting time making 30 daft sketches instead of trying to make one or two good songs. That voice is correct too. On the other hand … I made my choice to ride this through this year. So I will. However I will see if I can steer the last ten jams stylistically more towards what I envision making as I start producing my album. Maybe the description 70s folksoul psychedelia with modern electronica thrown in – won’t be too far from the truth?

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