Jamuary halftime

You’re not suppose to change horses midstream, they say. I suppose my father did when he broke his engagement while the wedding cake was in the oven – something didn’t feel right. Lucky for me, as some month later he met my mother.

I’m now 15 jams into Jamuary. There have been a few surprising highlights, a few sinkers and in general, a lot of messy generic sketches. But as I went in knowing, the value is not in each one but in the whole experience. The learning that comes from doing it again and again.

I do experience some kind of fatigue, or rather frustration. I’m showing up each day, but I’m showing up unprepared. It’s like I never get around to planning what goes next. Which, as an insight, probably is some kind of learning too.

Last year, or if it was 2021, I gave up on my jams after about a week. This time I’ll try to ride this old pony to the other bank. It “hurts” to ship inferior work, on the other hand there is still a chance for me to sit down and think for half an hour what more I want to get out of Jamuary – and then go do it!

The playlist is the same as last post – it just keeps filling up. For now, my favourites are days 6, 7, 8 & 14. Which sort of explains why I’m feeling frustrated. I had a pretty good streak at the end of first week. And now I’ve reached the doldrums. I’ll try to get my direction back

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