Thank you 2022!

You went by as fast as any year. 2022 was the year we welcomed Otis to the family. A soulful little dog who has already changed our lives. Personally, 2022 was the year when I took part in two 100-day creative workshops arranged by the B-corp Akimbo founded by Seth Godin. Very stimulating, but also a well-needed kick in the butt. Time waits for no one.

The silly selfie was taken at the Lion steps in Gothenburg City Centre. It’s almost the same backdrop as the album cover for “Zola & the tulip tree” by the Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers, Mark Olson’s and Victoria Williams’s band during the late 90s, early oughties. I realize their photo was taken at a bridge further down.

Anyway, what you see is a guy about to turn 50 in 2023. We could say age is nothing but a number, but so are milestones. Therefore, I’ve decided to make this year a milestone and to write, record and release a full length-album during the year. It won’t be the definitive, ultimate album. Rather, I hope to see it as a start of something. From now on I’m somebody who makes albums, who finishes them and ships them.

That’s a promise. That’s my New Year’s Resolution – and I’m wildly excited about doing the work.

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