A sugar factory of my own

My day job office is located in an old sugar factory. A big brick building from, I suppose, the 19th century. Located in the harbour. It took a lot of bricks to build it. Laying down each brick probably wasn’t fun. It was work. But the building got built. 

I think of this as I head to get half an hour of guitar practice during my lunch break. Nothing sensational. Another brick. But if I keep at it. Who knows what skills I can build.

Well, is that banal or profound? Or both? I’m reminded of something else, all those moments in the past when I daydreamed about having started something earlier and imagining how good I would have become, how successful I would have been etc. 

In September 2023 I’ll turn 50. I don’t daydream like I used to. I put down bricks. One by one. To get something built before it’s too late.

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