31 turds to polish

Jamuary is over. I made it through. I finished 31 jams in one month. It was fun, it was a learning experience, and it was some kind of practice in disciplin.

Was it time well spent. Who knows. It was fun, and it kept me motivated to make something everyday. A part of me thinks maybe all I ended up with was 31 turds that will be difficult to polish. It’s not all wrong, it’s not all true either. There are seeds inside that pile of manure. Even if you force creative work, it’s probably impossible not to make a spark go off here and there.

Jamuary allowed me a safe platform to ship unfinished, raw work. The first drafts of ideas. I started each night with next to nothing and over an hour I built up some kind of mess and left it in a disorderly state. Usually I started with something. Hit upon something quite interesting and then added ingredients til the dish suddenly got disgusting – and then I shipped it without trying to save it.

As the saying goes, art is never finished only abandoned.

Moving on to February I believe I will take a shot at FAWM. February Album Writing Month. I’ve got a lot of melodies lying around so my focus will be lyrics. Hopefully I can write one a day.

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