Waiting for X

There’s always a good reason for not finishing. If you want to find a reason, you will find one. At least I do. The most common one is probably making the argument that the end product will be better if I do X first.

Well, X seems to be like Godot. He isn’t coming, so the thing never gets finished. No matter if it’s about DIY home renovating or making music, there’s always an X to keep me waiting, post-poning, losing speed and momentum. The iron cools down and I’m on a strike.

I realize the opposite to this is the Silicon Valley idea of a Minimum Viable Product. Instead of waiting for X to make it perfect, they make something good enough for now, so they can improve it if X comes around.

I know this. I’ve known this for a long time, and still I need to remind myself. A few years ago there were stories about Kanye replacing mixes of songs on Spotify after his album had been released. While a deadline and a finish line can be a good motivator for getting things done. It can also be liberating to see the finished work as …not definitely finished. It can always run another lap.

The important thing is to finish the first lap, and not to move the finish line. It just might be better to call it a “lap line”.

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