Visual illiteracy?

Just look around. This place is kind of grey. My Instagram feed isn’t much better. Dormant has a better ring to it than dead, but… On the other hand it fairly well represents my interest in the medium. It just never enters my mind to go onto Instagram to look at people’s pictures. I mean what for? In the supermarket they sell pet food. But I don’t have any.

I’m half-kidding, or I’m not. I recognize the impact of visual communication and Instagram, but I seem to lack the interest to be good at it. Or I simply lack a reason. I don’t get around my contempt for the impulse (and sure, I have it every now and then) to perform and acquire status in accordance to whatever subgroup-norms would be relevant for me. Then there are all the visual clichés. Meals, vacation feet, musical equipment in the company of cute objects. In a way, I’d love to be a part of it all. Instead I’m standing on the outside looking at the other kids playing and can’t get around my overthinking it all.

I might give myself an Instagram challenge of some kind. Just to see if I can get over the threshold. A tiny habit.

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