Summing up summer.

Maybe it actually was Covid? This blog came to a grinding halt right before Midsummer as I turned sick. I got better, but the energy wasn’t there. The cough stayed on and it took me quite a few weeks before I felt “normal”.

As a result my ambitious plans of daily music during my vacation didn’t quite work out. I just never found the time. But I did keep playing with my Op-1 and now have a collection of half-finished tracks that could become a small EP of Holiday house. I better not jinx it.

Summer wasn’t a bummer, but maybe I’ve been spoilt with great weather the last two years. It didn’t really live up to yesteryear’s.

Now, I’m excited to be back in town, to get back into routines and get some creative work done. I’m also excited about the Way out west music festival that starts tomorrow. I’ll kick it all off with Bonny Light Horseman. Overall though I feel underprepared and underresearched, or just old. I don’t know half the bands and I haven’t had the chance/time to look them up.

The reason for this is Otis, a soon 9-week old poodle puppy that arrived to the family last Sunday. I think he might influence the content on this blog going forward.

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