Sick leave.

You don’t miss your water until the well runs dry. I haven’t been sick for a long time, so catching a cold was probably needed to get me grounded and appreciative of how great life is when you’re feeling well.

I’m not that miserable, and nobody needs to pity me, but it’s awfully slow being home from work and too tired to use the “spare time”. All I could think of was binge-watching tutorials on music production.

A cold is a blessing compared to what people my age come down with these days. Today I spoke to my oldest friend and found that he might have a nasty chronic lung disease, and that’s if he’s lucky.

It’s a tired metaphor to think of life as a lottery, I feel tired and sick writing it. Nevertheless, it’s humbling. And even though we’ll never know until we know, we might be bigger winners than we once thought.

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