Dreamer in an office – first song up

I have postponed shipping my music for a long time. The excuses have been of the regular kind. It’s not ready yet, it’s not good enough, I’m not feeling it anymore. Big plans of albums and EP:s have resulted in nothing. So, I figured. Let’s do it song by song. Ship often and compile once there is a body of work. Let’s just get over the threshold.

I have many songs ready to record, and many half-finished projects in my files. So now my idea is to just keep finishing them. It would feel great if I could release one song every two weeks. A year of 26 songs would be something!

Last night, I uploaded my first song onto DistroKid for distribution on all major streaming services. It’s not perfect, it’s mixed in the box, and Bob Ludwig had nothing to do with the mastering. But it feels great that it’s there. It’s nothing spectacular, nothing grand. But I think there’s something human and sweet.

(For some reason, I fell for the temptation of setting a on week later release date. So, here it is on Soundcloud:)

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