Rebels make squares rounder

Two weeks ago, Valborg, a big spring celebration in Sweden took place on April 30th. Valborg is also the name of a song by Håkan Hellström Sweden’s and Gothenburg’s biggest rockstar. So, it wasn’t without logic that said artist would do a surprise performance in the Azalea valley of local park Slottsskogen on that particular night.

Unannounced they drove a big truck with a trailer as a mobile stage into the park. Played a few songs until the police had them leave for not having a permit.

Most people like surprises like that, even those who wear uniforms. It’s however not the job of the police department to like surprises, so apparently it’s now a crime investigation. And as a result people are complaining about the police. Which is unfair, since what job does the police have but making sure everyone plays by the rules.

What I find interesting is to see how often the things that make a society and city feel human is about someone breaking the rules. Street art. Food trucks without permits. Buskers. Skateboarding. 

The city comes alive from creative mischief, people breaking rules. I wonder if maybe it’s good that not everything is allowed. Because if it was, what would be the point.

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