Weather unheard of

It’s November. Around here in Sweden it’s just as dark as November always has been. But the temperature is all wrong. We’re supposed to have the weather vary from zero to plus 10 (Celsius) this time of year, but now it just stays at 12-13. You could take an evening run in shorts and t-shirt without being some radical show-off.

Climate change is real, and still we’re lucky the season is mild, letting Europe save energy while Putin’s war rages in Ukraine. Prices go up. People still fly. Unashamed? Right-wing extremists get elected. Truth can’t be agreed upon. Scientists aren’t trusted.

Soon the world will be flat again. It’s a crazy time, going to work, doing homework with kids, trying to make music. And what for? Is it time to become an activist? What do you sing about in times like these? I’ve written a few songs of comfort, but it seems what is needed is action. And kindness of course.

Recent inspiration:
Fred Again: I listened to him talking to Jamie Lidell on the podcast HOWA (Hanging out with audiophiles. I also watched a filmed interview by Zane Lowe on Youtube. (I suppose I have also listened to him interviewed on the Tape Notes podcast as well.) Well, apparently I can’t get enough of Fred. There’s a cool boiler room set as well.

There’s a lot to love and be inspired by. The charm, warmth and generosity. The ability to spot human vulnerability in microscopic moments and make it into beautiful art. The idea of using next to zero gear – just a laptop, iphone and headphones – producing everywhere, letting the sonic atmosphere of every place (street corner /London Southbank) seep into the music. Sample manipulation instead of playing instruments. Rocking a Maschine live.

There are a lot of things to be inspired by, without even trying to sound like him. Just his attitude and outlook. It seems this November could use some of his positivity.

(Oh, and I have a little showcase-gig at a party coming up in two weeks. Better start rehearsing. I’m beyond rusty)

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