The backdrop can’t be the main attraction

Summer coming on and all my habits go out the window. Streaks are broken. And suddenly I find myself disoriented, having lost my compass. I seem unable to take the first step in finishing a song. I lack the heart and energy to do it.

I’ve been taught writer’s block is a myth. There are just days when work is harder to get started, as for any plumber. Well, yes. It might be a little more difficult when you’re working on your own.

This blog was started because I could. I never intended for it to be my main output, rather to have it as a kind of backdrop to my music and lyrics. Well, since the upload of my first song to Spotify it seems that knitting the backdrop has become my main activity. That’s not right. I need to change things up.

An idea could be to share the process of recording a new song from scratch. Sound design, recordings etc. Maybe this could put me back on the hook? Last night I started sampling percussive noises from a synth. I’ll see if I can share some sounds later tonight.

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