Green green grass of doom

The cultural idea of having lawns seem to have sprung from our wish to show our wealth. Not from some idea of barefoot bliss. Idle land. Not used for growing, but for decoration.

As a lawn owner you’re a lawn mower, or it’s welcome to the jungle. I’ve got a basic manual cylinder mower. It’s nice, civilized, doesn’t disturb the neighbourhood. Makes you think of England. But using it is work. The grass better not be wet. And in longer periods of rain – you get the green green grass of doom, better put on your best halloween costume and grab the old sickle.

My partner is not very fond of our mower. She’d rather we bought an electric. Which isn’t unreasonable, it’s what people do, after all it’s more convenient. Less tiring and more rain-resilient.

We do a lot of things looking for convenience. It might not be in our best interest. I’ve found that wearing running clothes is a good way to change my perspective on the effort. I might actually go out to see if I can cut it one level shorter today.

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