LinkedIn Park?

Everybody loves to complain about social media. Well, it’s just another mirror for human nature isn’t it? I have mixed feelings about them all, mostly because engaging in them takes time.

LinkedIn is a particularly puzzling to me. People really seem to like their jobs over there. Fair enough, some get lucky. And naturally it’s a place where you hang out if you need to recruit or if you’re looking for a job or a new job.

Not to mention all the people working on their brand. Polishing this or that. Freelancers seeking to be top-of-mind and career climbers bragging about their achievements. It’s not hard to see the psychology at work.

And still, it’s a strangely unnatural place. Everybody behaving as if they are at a job interview. Smiling a little too much, trying to look relaxed and confident, yet eager to work, to show ambition, or grit or exaggerated positivity. On the inside, people may be at the the end of their rope. Unemployed, marriages falling apart. And God knows what.

Even though I find it exhausting, I’m thinking it could be a really interesting scene to explore for human drama. I might have to look into it with some anthropologist-glasses on.

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