The importance of letting go

My kids are growing. With every year the leash gets a little bit longer. Staying out in the evenings, going into the city on their own. Step by step, after sharing all our advice, we have no choice but to put our trust in their ability to make sound judgement.

Releasing art into the world is not without similarities. It’s scary. Which is why I have postponed it for a long time. Hiding in preparation, in exploring new ideas. Trying to make something that is more clever, more impressive. More bulletproof from criticism or ridicule.

Which it never will be. I have finally come to the conclusion that if ever anybody is going to take my music to heart it’s more likely it will be because of its vulnerability and imperfection rather than my ability to impress – which I frankly don’t put my hope into.

In a week or so, I will put my first track up on all streaming platforms. Not just on Soundcloud, which I’ve found is a good place to hide. It won’t be my best or biggest tune, not the most clever lyric. But it will be good enough to ship. I don’t have any hopes of it achieving anything more than getting me over the threshold of shipping. Once, it’s out there. I can start shipping more – continually.

It will feel good to see that song take the bus into town on a Friday night. All on its own. It’s only scary if we want it to be.

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