Incremental change

If I went around town with my phone photographing the streets I probably wouldn’t end up with street photography like Henri Cartier-Bresson. Since I’m not much of a photographer the pictures would likely be bland. Not saying anything in particular. Failing to fascinate us today because they depict normality.

But over time those bland pictures would would become interesting, telling a story of a time gone by. Their value would increase as a result of incremental changes. Because the city will change. Store fronts will be redesigned, new restaurants will open, buildings will be torn down and built up, people on the street will change with the fashion.

I think there’s a parallell here to other creative work. Things we write, play, paint, our failed attempts. In the moment of creation we might think they suck. But sometimes when I return to failed experiments and quick sketches a year later – some might surprise me by being better than I recalled.

The pieces haven’t changed. Distance and detachment have made me receptive in a new way. Because I’m new. I have changed incrementally too.

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