Kicking off Depth Year 2022

Tomorrow on January 24 I’m starting The Creative’s Workshop, a 100 day peer-to-peer learning experience which has piqued my interest for quite some time. I’m a bit unsure of what to expect, although my expectation are high. I have great trust and respect for the Akimbo organization running it and for Seth Godin who has set up the workshop. I’ll know one thing that will be encouraged during the workshop is to publish “dailies”. So, I’m making an effort to defibrillate this blog in the hope of getting the pulse going again.

I changed the theme here. But I’m not very good with setting up wordpress, and I have zero patience for learning it. My plan is to do three types of posts continually. Inspiration – sharing things that inspires me. Jams – musical experiments with no other outlet. And last Thoughts – that will be me thinking out loud about some thought or question.

I’ve also decided to make 2022 some sort of Depth Year for me. Depth year is a concept developed and suggested by David running the blog Raptitude and I first learnt about it on the online music community Lines. So, what is it? It’s about going deeper, not wider. Focusing on what you got, right here. I’m hoping to tie loose ends together. I want to finish songs that have been lying around without lyrics, and I want to formally release and ship my music. On Bandcamp, Spotify or possibly to other artists, if anyone should be interested.

Depth Year – also means not buying stuff. This is not the year that I will waste time researching new equipment to buy. In fact, I won’t buy anything unless absolutely necessary. (Making a note of exception for a Midi foot controller).

In the end, I’ll probably keep a pretty liberal attitude to the dogmas suggested for a Depth Year. But my hope is nevertheless that it will help me make 2022 a year of significance. I feel ready to put in the work.

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