About to fall

About time to restart. Summer’s been great. I had a long vacation – from myself. At least from musical self and the dreams and thoughts that usually occupy my mind. I think that was a really good thing. Just like it’s good with a change of scenery, it’s good to change the interior of your head.

Summer was long. The weather was great. I bought a small, battered sailing dinghy – and sailed it. Now the dinghy is out of the water for the season and I’m trying to get ready for getting ready. Well, it sort of feels that way. The inertia of doing music seems enormous. I got home and started the biggest cleaning project studio for the last ten years. Let’s say it was needed. In the process I ripped out a lot of stuff in my patchbay, so now nothing really works.

I suddenly see the point in having a cable tester.

For the fall my plan is to write a short manifest of rules, arbitrary constraints. Focus on the process. Work fast, have fun, worry less about the end result. Getting over myself. Stop overthinking.

Maybe I should just start with making something deliberately silly. Something not even trying to be good. I’ll think about that for a while.

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