Letting go of opportunities

This morning I put my Critter & Guitari Organelle up for sale. It’s a really cool piece of kit brimful with possibilities. Especially the kind of happy accidents you can’t plan. In my head I have lots of ideas how I should put it to use, but I don’t get around to it often enough.

Having access to a variety of reasonably affordable boxes (we’re not talking Moog One here) – I’ve found it’s easy to become a jack of all trades. When you don’t use them often enough, everything becomes “mental work”, there are no reflexes allowing me to work fast and intuitively. My conclusion is that it makes more sense to focus attention to a few pieces, master them and get things done.

So, I’m letting go of all those ideas for experimentation. Just like in life there simply are too many paths to take. You can’t walk them all. And holding on to a piece of gear for some FOMO down the road doesn’t make sense. I actually wished I had more time to put it to use and really learn the rack-possibilities in Orac. For now, I don’t.

The essence of strategy is sacrifice. Goodbye Organelle – I hope you come to a good home.

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