June 2: Mon Monotron

The Korg Monotron is a funny creature. Small, so full of potential, yet a bit challenging if you want to create musical pieces that are in tune and keep a steady pitch. In that sense playing it is a bit like the trombone or a violin with floating boundaries between different notes.

Well, listening to Brian Funk’s podcast featuring Adam Rokhsar I got the tip of a free auto-tune plugin called Auburn Graillon 2 Live Voice Changer. And I figured it could be useful for the monotron.

So, all sounds in today’s jam comes from the Monotron, except a clap. While warping the bass note I made the terrific mistake to warp it to 6/8 (6/4?) instead of straight quarter notes. So, with the drums I got this triplet swinging shuffle that was totally unplanned. “honor thy mistake as a hidden intention”.

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