May Challenge 14: Op-1 house

A good thing with doing these 14 May challenges is that has made me reconnect with the OP-1. When I’m short of time and need to doing something that feels creative – there’s simply no better sketchpad. Even though I’m pretty fluent with the Op-1, half of the time I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. I’m grabbing a preset of some synth, a few quick tweaks to get it more to my liking and off we go.

This time around, and especially today, I’ve become aware of all the “randomization” available with the OP-1 sequencers, such as Endless. It just seems hotwired to get happy accidents happening.

Today’s jam was built up in 8-bar segments. Adding loops, “ping-pong” resampling etc til I had enough small loops to get a full arrangement. Dumped everything into Live arrangement view and started.

For now, here’s just a quick bounce of a section. I have some work to do to get it all structured and varied, but tonight I have no time it. Let’s call it a jam – and see what June has to offer.

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