May challenge 11: 70s?

I watched a great film in the series Small Axe by Steve Mcqueen tonight, unfortunately it didn’t really take me into full reggae. The loose idea was to make something in the vein of John Martyn. I sent a drumbeat through the echo, volume-swelled some chords and fooled around on guitar and “bass” (=guitar + octave pedal).

I’ve had better luck sounding like John Martyn on other nights. These challenges are a bit daft in a way, on the other hand – doing one is better than doing none. I’m fighting inertia.

2 thoughts on “May challenge 11: 70s?

    1. Hi, thanks. I’m grateful that you read my “referencing mind”. Small hours is indeed a favourite, and the reason for my volume swells. My chords were pretty vanilla, whereas the open tunings of John Martyn takes his song to more interesting places. Combining a simple drum machine pattern with some kind of “troubadour guitar” is something I would like to explore further. A good thing with Martyn is how his drum patterns are understated, almost lowpass-filtered. Not so much drums but a pulse beating. Thanks for reading and checking out these rough sketches!


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