May challenge 9: I liked this one

Recently I’ve listened to several episodes of Hanging out with audiophiles – Jamie Lidell’s podcast. In each one he has a short segment called Nitty Gritty where takes on something experimental soundwise and shows his findings. I’ve really grown to like this. And it seems to me that experimenting/learning something is how challenges like this one could be used.

Today, I started out by deciding to watch an OP-1 tutorial by Liam Killen to see if there was any technique I could put to use. Of course there was. I picked up the idea of using the Endless sequencer in random mode set to triplets. I recorded 8 bars, put four chords on top (Dissolve – pad preset), my trem-bass which gives me a little Twin Peaks-feeling and simplest possible drums.

I actually thought the piano melody turned out rather touching at certain points. At least I was moved and it seems to hint at a full song. All Op-1.

(Guess I was in a hurry, to get it published so I could tick-off my challenge for today. After doing so, it just took me a few minutes to write a B-part. I’ll be back.)

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