May challenge 7: Fourtrack loop

Today’s jam started as I sat in the dark outside my son’s room waiting for him to fall asleep. I had my Op-1 with me, and it was good practise, because with no back-lit buttons I really had to think about what I was pushing. Some drums, a tremolo-bass, a lead-line (vocal sample) + strummed guitar recorded with the OP-1 built-in mic.

For the low-ambition live take to Ableton I sent it all through my lofi-sampler chain and goofed around a little. I apologize for not making more of an effort, but for now it’s the process and not the product.

Findings/reminders: I haven’t used the Op-1 much lately, but taking it up again I’m reminded that it can be quite fun. It’s easy to get something going fast. And I actully really like using it for drums. Dialling in swing etc.

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