May Challenge 4: Dub Trouble

Once again, right before midnight. Tried to get something going on the OP-1. Failed. Plan B: Microbrute. Three notes on the sequencer into my Re-501 tape echo and me trying to dub something out on my Mackie mixer. I routed the echo return out onto my ALT 3-4 buss leading to Sp-404sx, Kp3+ and SP-303 Vinyl Sim. Fooled around a bit and recorded it all into Ableton.

Once in the box, a basic four-to-the-floor seemed to make all my fooling around seem more deliberate and meaningful. The variations within the loose jam became more interesting framed by a more rigid structure. So I just threw on some dub chords and decided to call it a jam.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I hope for some extra time to make something more considerate and thought-through. Or, maybe the whole point of this exercise is not to think. Just do and see where it leads.

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