Creating an environment for success

Without even having read BJ Fogg, I still had a few a-ha moments watching different youtube-clips. One such was the insight into the environment’s importance for our succeeding with great habits. At home I’ve been fighting a losing battle at keeping the kids off the screens (phones, ps4, tablets, tv). I long ago realized that it’s impossible to ask a kid to stay away from candy while having them live in a candy store. In the same way, sober alcoholics would benefit from better company than hanging out with their old drinking buddies at bars.

Everybody has their challenges. For me, the challenge is to stay off the Internet and to get on making music. It’s my main time thief. I do make music, but I’d like to be faster at getting started. Often there’s a threshold, an inertia, resistance that makes it hard to start. It’s just the start that’s difficult. After a few minutes when an idea hits it’s usually a joyride.

There are a few reasons for my procrastination, such as:

  • Unclear goals for the session. Not having anything planned.
  • Having too many possibilities = not knowing where to start, with what gear etc.
  • Clutter, mess
  • Too much around me, getting disturbed.

So, looking at these reasons one by one. It’s easy enough to see solutions.

  • Set a time for planning and write to-do-lists.
  • Give myself constraints, and limit my possibilities for each session.
  • Keep the studio clean and in order.
  • Find the time when I’m not disturbed.

Not that this is news to me, or something I haven’t done before. I just keep forgetting it.

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