A dramatic arc taking shape.

I believe I made up some rules for my blogposts last week. Unfortunately, I’m breaking them already. My home studio is really messy at the moment, and I think it probably is a good reflection of what my mind is like. Doing a full time synthesis-course parallell with dayjob, family and an EP-project is a bit too much. At least, I’m doing ok with the synth stuff. I’ve handed in two VCV-assignments and had them approved.

The last weeks I’ve spent a lot of time strolling down memory lane for my Mannheim EP-project. Thinking of how different moments, situations and locations. Different people and impressions and what to write songs about. A few days ago I came up with a quite jazzy, Sinatra-style song. For now, the working title is Endless and I’m really happy about it.

I jokingly told my friend Jörgen this morning that I’m writing a musical. Like Watertown with Sinatra, he asked, and I realized I had some listening to do. Turned out Watertown was really great and that it had a wiki-page with quotes from the songwriter about the thoughts that went into each song.

I really appreciated reading that. Thinking about the EP as a story, rather than a collection of songs opens up a lot of interesting boxes to think within. Suddenly I had a track-order, an order of scenes. All I have to do is to fill the slots. This also tells me I can work with variety and contrast, different moods and expressions. I can see the value in having songs in different tempos to fit different “scenes”. I’m also thinking of preludes, interludes, reoccuring melody themes and lots more.

So, instead of meeting my productivity goals, I’ve found myself at a very happy place creatively. I find it inspiring and full of possibilities. I no longer see any point in being finished Mid-March. I think this project is worth doing right. On the other hand, I think it would be really good to release something in March.

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