DIY angled shelf for studio

Having a studio with many small boxes means… lots of boxes, lots of cables everywhere. So, every once in a while I try to look for a smarter way to get organized.

So, a shelf above the desk was needed. An angled shelf seemed the best for visibility and being able to see and control the gear there. I looked around for angled consoles, but I didn’t really find any. Or they were too expensive. So, in the meantime I put up a horisontal shelf like below. Didn’t really work.

So, I came up with a simple solution. Using regular Ikea-consoles (the cheapest one there is?) and simply sawing a board of wood into two wedges. It worked out pretty well.

Securing the wedge with screws.
A thin strip of wood to prevent gear from sliding off.
Patience, and the lack of it.
Proof of concept.
Getting ready to dub.

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