Bye January. Yay February!


I got a good start this year. Songwriting started inspired/efficient with a few new songs. I finished/passed my Electronic Music Production course with a good grade and got my first “university points” since year 2000. Jamuary didn’t work out as intended. It went better, I started producing real songs instead of jams. My ambitious goal one song/week is a bit difficult when it comes to recording analog/acoustic instruments and vocals as well as writing a lyric. But I will keep trying. I’m almost finished with my two songs from the last two weeks. Even better I have a plan forward with a theme/concept for an EP. Today I’m also handing in my first VCV-rack assignment. Understanding Control Voltage in a modular synth will be great for my understanding and patching other synths.

Plans for February:

Stay healthy! Keep going! Write a few new songs and record them. Do my VCV-rack course. Go skiing. Start swimming again, hopefully.


Stay healthy. Keep going. Release EP.

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