Week 3

I didn’t come all the way to a fully finished/produced song the week that went by. Instead I’m come halfway with two. Life gets in the way, but I find that by just keeping at it I move in baby steps in the right direction. Tonight I just took half an hour to lay down some bass guitar.

This felt like progress last week:

  • I finished the lyric I needed for one of the songs – working title: Beak.
  • I thought I got a pretty nice acoustic guitar sound recording with a Neumann KM-185. A small diaphragm condenser that is hypercardiod – which I thinks makes it suitable for less than perfect rooms.
  • Habit-wise: I ticked off making music everyday, and I did lyric writing exercises every day (uhm, though not yesterday).

This week’s goals:

  • Finish two songs Beak & Nicole.
  • Keep up with my synth class (I’m already behind).
  • Get my tape echo shipped for repair.

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