Re-routing imagination

As if the possibilities weren’t already overwhelming I today got the inspiration to read up on my little Mackie analog mixer. The knobs of a mixerboard may seem a lot in themselves, but what has always tended to confuse me are the various routing possibilities.

Really, I have never had the patience to read the manual. Well, today I had. Turned out it was really friendly and well written with small jokes hidden in the copy. Like make sure to turn off the Hi-pass filter if you want to record earthquakes – and hi-shelving EQ is good for recording frying bacon… oh well, enough for me to smile at someone having fun at work.

Alt 3-4. That will be my new address. Or rather I think my SP-404sx sampler will live there. Allowing me to sample or process anything I route that way. And then bring it back in on a regular stereo channel.

It’s funny with patch cables. No matter how many I buy I always seem to need more. I guess that’s why the copper-prices have risen so drastically in recent years.

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