Week 2 – 2021

From one of Austin Kleon’s books.

Austin Kleon is a writer of popular, inspirational self-help books. I have read his first two. In one of them he shows this image, which is sort of the mental journey of any creative project.

This week it has been very true to me as I finished my assignment of creating a track in the French House genre. The idea was to cook with the typical ingredients and see if I could put my twist on it.

Here it is: Right for you.

The Gentle Kind – Right for you

I lofi-sampled the Chaka Khan-tune Sleep on it on my Boss SP-303 sampler. Cut up some loops. Arranged some DMX-drums. Jammed quite a lot to find basslines, chords and melodies to fit the samples. Many did not. Well, that’s about it. It feels good that it’s finished and that I’ve handed in my last assignments.

Tomorrow I start a new course in Sound Synthesis. It will be done in VCV Rack and my hope is that it will be an opportunity to get deeper knowledge in CV-routing and what’s possible.

Summing week 2 musical achievements:
I finished producing one song.
I made one Microbrute jams – and many more that I didn’t record.

Plans week 3:
Get up earlier (tick more habit-boxes before work)
Start new course
Daily lyrical exercises.
I would like to finish one full song.

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