Maybe love is the talent.

I was never a promising musician. Never a talent. As a child I could sing in tune, but that was about it. I never learnt to play the recorder, and when I took up acoustic guitar aged 15… Well, it took me about three years just learning to tune it. The penny refused to drop. Chords, scales. It just never came easy.

So, progress was slow. I formed my first band when I was 28, writing the songs, singing and strumming. We called it quits when we all got too many kids. Some time later I did a one year stint in another (very kind) band as a (very limited) lead guitarist. 

I changed from a Fostex digital multitracker to Ableton Live. Tried making techno. Or house. Got fascinated by the use of an SP-404 sampler at a James Blake-gig and bought one. Started making lofi-beats. Got into synths, etc.

It’s never really taken me anywhere. I’ve never arrived. I might be a snail, but I feel like I’m moving. At least I’m moved. Music remains the first thing on my mind. Every day. I simply have never stopped loving music, even though the love didn’t always seem mutual. 

On the other hand, I have played with people much more talented than me. To which it all came easy, yet when ”success” didn’t come their way. They quit. They lost the spark.

Despite never really feeling talented, apart from having a knack for songwriting, I have come to a conclusion that maybe the greatest talent is love. Being in love with the art. Not because you have arrived, but because the love keeps you going. 

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