Jamuary 13 – PogBrute.

Just a quick one before bedtime. I wanted to see what the Electro Harmonix POG 2 could bring to my Microbrute. In an annoying way a POG seems to turn everything into an organ. But when in the Vatican… My idea was to get a chordal texture going with multiple octaves, slow attack and slow delay to get a big buildup.

I thought it ended up quite nice. I had forgotten about how cool the detune-setting on the POG is. This is probably pretty useful since it can simulate a doubling effect, as if layered with another oscillator. POG also has an Attack-fader for swells and a Lo-pass filter to tame excessive digital highs. I just improvised a folky melody on the black keys. I often get some kind of Scotland/Highland-feel doing that. Bagpipes or what not.

A nice thing with the POG is that it has faders that you could actually tweak live. Like swelling in some extra low oompf on the sub-octaves. Picking together an electronic live-setup is a small goal for 2021 as well.

Here’s today’s setup: Microbrute – Pog2 – Boss CE-2 – Empress VMSD – Sansamp (Boss RV-2 on an aux send from mixer.) The main pad/melody is just this. I also added some sprinkles of granular delay with the Empress VMSD reverse setting but left the POG off. Organ on organ didn’t seem like a good idea. (Too tired now, just held back an organ-donor joke).

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