Jamuary 9 – FluteBrute

My idea for today was to see if I could make the Microbrute sound soft and beautiful. I ended up with three tracks.

1 – A step sequenced descending melody on Microbrute through Empress VMSD with its reverse granular delay setting. I have it pretty dry at the beginning and turn up the wet later on.

2 – a descending bass with tempo synced PWM (mostly square wave I believe).

3. And last – a flutey sound that I played by hand. The delay was set with tap tempo and drifts off a little, or if it’s my timing that is off. I’ll call that human for now.

Oh, and just to get some texture I quickly picked a field recording of rain and thunder. Not really the weather around here right now. But it was a quick choice.

When doing these kind of jams I just start. I stay on the white keys so I’m in key. Getting lost and finding your way out is not a bad idea for exploring. I have a similar experience when finding my ways through unusual tunings on guitar. In a way, it’s counter-productive because I’ve found I often gravitate towards establishing very simple structures like I – IV- V. On the other hand, these simple structures take on a new beauty when I’m lost, whereas I would find them just bland and boring if I had been doing it in standard tuning.

Here’s today’s jam:

Flutey Brute

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