Jamuary 6: Love on a real train

Monophonic synths can only play one note at a time. This means playing chords is a challenge, or actually impossible. The solution is to play record every note of your chords separately. Although it’s more work, it comes with the benefit that you can dial in a new sound for every note – making your chords into lush pads.

Instead of doing any composition myself, this day’s jam was a riff on the song Love on a Real Train by German electronic legends Tangerine Dream. I came across remixes of this song a decade ago and it always struck me as a good use of a simple step sequencer as in the main repeating riff.

Here are a few different versions and last my jam for today – I seem to have made the riff in halftempo, without really knowing. Wasn’t that focused on doing anything verbatim, rather I focused on what I could do with the Microbrute.

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